Gay Follados Heranca Sacana – Gustavo and Zayan
Gay Follados

Heranca Sacana – Gustavo and Zayan

In reading his father’s Testament, Gustav has a great surprise. In addition to finding out he had a brother he did not know, he learned that his father had lost all money and that the only thing left was the house he should share with his brother. Zayan decided to expel his brother and began trying to bother him inside, being very loose, doing annoying things just to piss his brother off.

Continuing his plan, Zayan began to walk around the house in his underwear and seeing that his brother was very upset about it, tried to give a more accurate blow: he put a porn video in the room and began to jerk off. Outraged, Gustavo began to fight with his brother, as he saw that big, thick pole in front of him. Noticing That the brother was looking, Zayan asked if Gustavo had not received the great inheritance so from the father too, talking about his dowry.

Gustavo said yes and in the middle of the discussion Zayan tells him to take his other “inheritance”. Gustavo does not resist and falls mouth to that big cock, swallowing every inch until choked. Not content, Zayan sticks his tongue in his brother’s ass leaving well wet to punch his dick mercilessly. After a good laugh together, the two decide to share the house to continue doing those fun games.

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