Gay Follados Examinado A Fundo – Andrey and Dr. Ramon
Gay Follados

Examinado A Fundo – Andrey and Dr. Ramon

Andrey went for routine tests and one of them, the prostate antigen test, came back altered. Frightened, he made an appointment with the doctor at the Irmãos Dodados clinic, arrived before the scheduled time and waited anxiously.

When Dr. Ramon called him, he handed over the exams and told him about the change. The doctor asked if Andrey had followed the preparation of the exams and the patient had not followed or paid attention to the preparation. Dr. Ramón decided to order a new blood test, but, as the patient was already there, he suggested a physical examination with a rectal exam: he asked Andrey to take off his clothes and lie down on the stretcher.

The embarrassed patient did as he was asked and, when he saw the doctor put on the glove, he noticed the doctor’s huge finger and his head immediately imagined what the size of the dick would be like… When the exam begins, the question comes: “Do you have sex? anal?”. The positive response was a signal for the doctor to carry out a more in-depth examination.

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